I give voice and speech workshops for teachers and other professional speakers. Optimal voice use and clear articulation is an essential part of being an effective communicator. The intense daily use of the voice requires the application of healthy speaking habits and techniques to prevent hoarseness, sore throat and voice problems. A well-functioning voice is crucial for successful communication.

Your Voice Should Be Heard Not Hurt

Speech Therapy

I teach professional speakers basic voice techniques to prevent and treat voice problems.
Teachers, sports coaches, receptionists, actors, camp counselors, lawyers, and pastors are a few examples of people who use their voice intensely and depend on it for doing their work well.
Taking care of your voice and learning proper voice techniques can reduce vocal stress and increase good communication.
I can provide workshops for groups as well as individual coaching and voice therapy.
The focus is on learning to use your voice optimally by knowing how to:

  • sustain good posture
  • relax the muscles involved in voice performance
  • support your voice with proper breathing
  • increase resonance in order to have your voice heard –and not hurt- in noisy environments
  • reduce vocal stress by proper articulation and crisp diction

The use of proper vocal techniques will make sure you are heard without hurting your voice.

Location: Can be arranged at your workplace or at your home.

Find Your Voice Before You Lose It

For PE teachers, sports coaches, classroom teachers, swim instructors:
Talking over noise without hurting your voice requires good voice techniques. On the field, in the pool, in the classroom full of students, you want to be heard, without having to yell and strain your voice. Learning how to talk loud and not lose your voice is a skill that will benefit you for years.

For camp counselors:
With summer camps still a few months away, there is time to prepare as a camp counselor.
Remember those long evenings by the fire pit, talking and laughing and singing? But the next day, your throat is sore, your voice is hoarse, or worse: gone.
And trying to talk to the whole crowd of 30+ kids, they can never hear you in the back…..
In this workshop you will learn the basics of proper voice techniques, so your risk at getting hoarse will decrease. You will learn how to talk loud without hurting your voice.