I provide treatment for students with reading and spelling problems or dyslexia. The focus is improving decoding skills, reading fluency and understanding of texts. I am trained in the Barton Reading and Spelling System, as well as the Wilson Reading System. Both programs are based on the multi-sensory principles developed by Orton and Gilingham. Each program has their own emphasis and style. Depending on the needs and the level of the student, a choice will be made for one of the programs.

Orton-Gillingham Reading and Spelling Support

I work individually with students who have reading problems or dyslexia, at the elementary and middle school level. I can provide support for classrooms and teachers to enhance reading and spelling instruction. I also have served on school-teams as a literacy coach.

Orton-Gillingham is a research-based approach for reading and spelling problems. It provides systematic and multi-sensory teaching of the skills students need to improve their reading and spelling abilities. It also offers more advanced lessons for older students, including reading for meaning, decoding multisyllabic words and recognizing foreign roots in words to aid spelling.
Treatment can start at any time during the school year and take place as needed – usually 45 minute sessions once or twice a week.

As a speech pathologist I am also able to treat speech and language problems that can affect reading and writing. In addition, social emotional aspects like frustration, accepting mistakes, and acknowledging strengths and talents may be addressed as needed.